What Is ING?

Michelle Brogan, director and founder of Dance Revolution proudly introduces

Ingredients Professional Dance Company & Training Program

This is a program that will train performing artists from the inside out. Training will consist of daily dance and technique classes where students will enhance their dance skill in all variations of dance while learning to evangelize and worship through the art of movement using diverse art forms, character development and biblical application. As a part of the program, participants in ING will work "hands-on" in the ministry of Dance Revolution as well as other ministry efforts.

The Training Program and Dance Company will be comprised of multiple styles of dance including Ballet, Modern, Contemporary, Jazz, Hip Hop, and Theater. Strength and conditioning classes such as pilates will be integrated in ING training along with various Boot Camp days to accelerate dancers' stamina and endurance.

Five months from September to February of each year in the Dallas/Ft Worth Metroplex.

Classes are in session Monday - Thursday. Fridays are booked for ministry opportunities and outreaches. Biblical Application Class will be held once a week (Biblical Application Class is the time devoted to the study of Biblical Principles and to gain the tools for artistic talents in ministry) and corporate worship will gather twice a week.

Performance and other "hands-on" training opportunities will include but not limited to Dance Revolution National Tour, Earthshakers- The Competition, Camp Revolution, various conferences and industrials, holiday and outreach performances, community/street outreach, dance festivals, mission trips and more.

Core Studies Include:

  • Prayer & Fasting
  • Leadership Track
  • How to Share Jesus Without Fear
  • Spiritual Gifts
  • Gifts of the Spirit
  • Marriage & Ministry
  • Public Speaking
  • Dreams and Visions
  • How to Build a Team
  • Prophecy & Worship
  • Movementology and More

Program Dynamics Include:

  • Semester Dance Evaluations
  • Semester Dance Exams
  • Monthly Scripture Memorization
  • Semester Book Reports
  • Semester Biblical Application Exam
  • Ministry in Action Program
  • Scheduled Scripture Reading
  • Dream Big Paper
  • Illustrated Sermon Night
  • Further details given on Orientation Day

Program Cost

The participant cost for the program is $400 per month. The monthly fee does not cover housing, food or transportation. Each year Ingredients directors will help find host homes and preferred housing for ING members. However, ING members will be responsible for securing their housing upon arrival. An additional uniform & supply fee of $200 is due June 1st of each year.

Eligibility / Admission

Participants in ING must be at least 18 years or older or have recently graduated from high school/completed a home school program. Each participant is expected to be at an Intermediate/Advanced level of training and upon completion of ING will be equipped with Advanced/Professional training.

Participants will be selected based upon evaluation of a completed Application Packet (Application w/$25 fee, Headshot, Resume [optional], and three reference forms); Dance Audition; and Interview (Director's descretion). Application deadline is May 15th, 2020.

Participants may attend a local College or University of their choice as long as classes do not conflict with the ING schedule.

Participants may acquire employment as long as scheduling does not conflict with the ING schedule.

How to Audition

Auditions will consist of Ballet, Jazz, and Hip Hop variations and a one minute solo. Attire is to be modest at all times but please wear attire that our staff will be able to see lines and definition of your movement.

Get To Know ING


The story of Barabbas told through dance to spoken word - Jesus is Loving Barabbas by Judah Smith. Ingredients Dance Company presents the love of Jesus and the power of the Gospel through movement.

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The story of Barabbas told through dance to spoken word - Jesus is Loving Barabbas by Judah Smith. Ingredients Dance Company presents the love of Jesus and the power of the Gospel through movement.


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